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W.J. & Viola Leyh Ministerial Scholarship Fund

Rev. W.J. Leyh was an Elder in the Dakota District for many years, pasturing churches at Pollack, Aberdeen, Redfield, Huron, Ipswich and Tolstoy, South Dakota. He loved to hunt and fish as his hobbies. He was a man of God with a deep booming voice which he used to proclaim the glorious truth of the Gospel. He was very interested in young ministers, in world missions, and the extending of the Dakota District into new cities. He passed away on February 10, 1976.

Mrs. Viola Leyh was a great help and encouragement to her husband in ministry. She shared his commitment to reach the lost for Christ, and labored faithfully by his side. She was a woman of deep personal commitment and spent much time in prayer. They were people willing to make any sacrifice to serve in any size church and community, as long as God's Kingdom was advanced. Mrs. Leyh passed away in August of 1986.

They were survived by two daughters who are faithful Christians.

A brief thank you note expressing your testimony and gratefulness for the gift you have received through the W.J. & Viola Leyh Ministerial Scholarship Trust, would be an encouragement to this family - in knowing that their parents' ministry lives on.

Thank you in advance for your response for the kindness and generosity shown in providing this financial aid to you.

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