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Church Planting

If you're a church planter, or thinking about church planting, we'd love to partner with you!

The Northwest District is highly committed to planting more churches every year. In every way possible we want to create opportunities for more leaders to be equipped and sent, sending more churches to put roots down and bring transformation into every zip code.

Church Planting Networks

in the Northwest District

More Church Planting Networks

 that we partner with

Information for new church plants

ClickUp is a versatile productivity tool to help chart out tasks and to-dos. You can invite several guests to your personal account and coordinate events, social media calendars, and others projects with a small team for free.

Slack is a great tool for team communication and coordination, and is offered free or discounted to non-profits.

Google offers a program for Non-profits that provides eligible non-profits with many of their tools for free, including emails for your teams, unlimited shared Google Drive space, and Google Docs.

Canva offers many templates and features for free to help you develop your online presence, including creating social media posts. They also offer their premium version for free to eligible non-profits.

Planning Center offers a large variety of tools that are scalable and useful for Church Planters. Planning Center offers several of their tools for free, especially their groups tool, people tool, which can help you keep track of your growing community. offers a free platform to accept donations that is fairly easy to use and simple to setup. This is helpful in the early stages of raising financial support. (note: there is still a processing fee, but the tool itself offers a free level).

Free Resources for

Church Planters

Many of these tools and resources offer free options and can be practically useful in the process of getting a new church community started.

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