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District Board of Ministerial Development

Hundreds of people are being called to serve the Kingdom as ministers of the Gospel. Many of them are second-career, non-traditional students in the Northwest District who are looking for accessible ways to complete their educational requirements. 

Student Resources

Updated 2024 Resources

Sometimes the pathway to credentialing can feel confusing and unclear. We've provided you with the resources below to help equip you and make the process clear.

The Candidate Process

Initial Candidate Steps

1. Complete and Submit these forms to the Northwest District Office

Or mailed to The Northwest District 
919 Airport Rd., Sheridan, WY 82801

2. Complete the following steps

3. Submit Your Transcripts

  • Coordinate with your educational institution to send transcripts via mail or digital transmission to the Wesleyan Church's Education & Clergy Development


Education & Clergy Development

13300 Olio Rd, Suite 100

Fishers, IN 46037


Whether you want to pursue Permanent Licensed Minister status or Ordination, complete the initial steps below.

Ongoing  Credentialing Process

  • Complete these tasks annually

  • Submit your Annual Service Report (ASR)

  • Annual interview with the DBMD and complete DBMD #3

Earn Supervised Ministry Credit

  • All ministerial candidates must have some form of supervised ministry credit. Satisfy at least one of the options below to earn ministry credit.​

    • The Northwest District now offers a self-paced Supervised Ministry experience for FREE! 

  • Complete a Supervised Ministry course through a Wesleyan University or Approved Seminary as part of an academic program.
    • Complete a Supervised Ministry course through Kingswood Extended

    • Submit for equivalent experience by assessment to Kingswood Extended

Residency Offerings

Residencies can be a powerful addition to the ministry preparation process, and help provide valuable real-world experience to developing ministers of the Gospel. If you are looking for a residency to add to your development, we highly recommend the programs below.

2. Complete the Ordination Application

Submit this form to your point-of-contact with the DBMD.

3. Send the DBMD your Basic Bio Information

4. Schedule and Complete an Ordination Interview

If married, your spouse is expected to be at the interview

1. Collect Ordination Reference Forms your leadership

Send the ​form below to all four (4) of these individuals for them to provide an evaluation of your readiness for ordination:

  • The District Superintendent

  • Your Senior Pastor

  • Your Local Board's Vice-Chair

  • A Local Board member

Ordinations & Transfers

If you're completing your process toward ordination as a minister of the Wesleyan Church, congratulations! The guidance below will help you take the necessary final steps toward ordination.

If you are transferring to the Northwest District, or to the Wesleyan Church, we recently updated our transfer process. Please follow the instructions in the link below. 

  • Ministerial Students that are requesting a transfer: Email the sending district, receiving district and emailing requesting to be transferred. Include where you're moving, your new address, the church you are transferring to and your new staff position, if applicable. 


The Northwest District of the Wesleyan Church is blessed to have many seasoned, wise, and tenured men and women serving in the development of new ministers of the Gospel. These important roles ensure a sound ministerial development process for tomorrow's pastors.


Chairman Rev. Marc Sundstrom  |  Rev. Cheryl Arguello  |  Rev. Paul Baughman  |  Melodie DeVel  |  Rev. Todd Lynch  |  Rev. Wayne Mueller  |  Rev. David Rannabargar  |  Rev. Jessica Schmerse  |  Rev. Bob Solon


Katy Kinnan 

Rev. Bob Solon - Chairman (2025)

Melodie DeVel (2024)  |  Mitchell Jenkins (2024)  |  Rev. Jennifer Tillman (2025)  |  John Thomas (2024)


Rev. Todd Lynch - Chairman (2025)

Rev. Cheryl Arguello (2025)  |  Rev. Paul Baughman (2024)  |  Rev. Jamie Groneberg (2024)  |  Stephen Martin (2025)


Rev. Marc Sundstrom - Chairman (2025)

Reed DeVries (2024)  |  Rev. Serenity Miller (2025)  |  Mandi Smith (2025)  |  Rev. Steph Tague (2025)


Rev. Jessica Schmerse - Chairman (2025)

Rev. Mike Cline (2025)  |  Chris Hayes (2024)  |  Rev. Malloree Norris (2025)  |  Rev. David Rannabargar (2024)

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